Foredeck or Cockpit Operation

The Chutescoop is the only spinnaker sleeve in the market that allows you the user to decide where you want to operate. All spinnaker sleeves operate on a closed loop principle. In essence they are a loop of rope with the sleeve attached to part of the rope. A small loop gives the user enough rope to operate the sleeve from the foredeck (see photo #1 ). Having a much longer rope allows the user to bring the loop back to the cockpit (see photo #2). For singlehanded sailors or boats with small crews sending someone forward to douse or set the spinnaker may not be ideal especially if the wind has picked up and control of the boat is questionable. In this case dousing the spinnaker from the cockpit is desirable and much safer.

The Chutescoop is the only sleeve that allows you to change the length of the rope that makes the loop. The line that you handle to pull the sleeve off or back onto the sail is attached to the sleeve with bowline knots. Thus replacing a short length of line with a longer one will permit you to run the line back to the cockpit. All other commercially available sleeves have lines that are spliced together making it impossible for you to change their length.

For cockpit operation you will need two snatch blocks (see Photo # 3). Place them on the downwind side of the boat near the bow. The two blocks do not have to be together. Ideally the downhaul block (for the line that pulls the sleeve down over the sail) should be well forward. The uphaul block can be located anywhere from the mast area to the bow as desired. If you set the sail on one tack and then jibe and want to drop the sail on the other tack you will need to move the blocks to the new lee side of the boat. Make sure that the sheets and tack line for the sail are outside the Chutescoop control line (see Photo #4). Note the white mark photo 5,  and black mark photo 1 on the Chutescoop control line which indicate where to secure the line for a full hoist of the spinnaker.

See the photos for more details.