Reef Your Spinnaker

The word “reefing” and spinnaker do not normally appear in the same sentence unless the reefing operation takes place after the spinnaker comes down. However, the Chutescoop allows you to actually reef your spinnaker if you desire. Naturally, common sense, good judgment and good seamanship should guide your actions. Racers may find reefing of the spinnaker useful in keeping the boat under control and in increasing or decreasing sail area as the wind changes in velocity.

The basic idea is simple. A snatch block is mounted as far forward on the lee side of the boat as is practical. The line that pulls the Chutescoop down over the sail is run through the block and secured to a bow cleat. In operation the Chutescoop is pulled down over the spinnaker covering a quarter to a third of the sail and cleated in this position to prevent the wind from pushing the sleeve back up. You can use this reefing technique on either asymmetrical or pole type spinnakers.